TMOS Imagers

Primary Researcher: Research Manager:
From Year: 2013
To Year: 2017

This research includes the design, fabrication technology, post-CMOS micromachining and characterization of CMOS-silicon-on-insulator (SOI)-microelectromechanical system (MEMS) transistors. The thermally isolated micromachined CMOS-SOI-MEMS transistor reported here is designed for uncooled infrared (IR) sensing and is dubbed here as “TMOS.” The measured dc and noise electrical characteristics of the as processed (virgin) transistor as well as those of the post-CMOS MEMS-processed
transistor (TMOS) are compared. In particular, the threshold voltage temperature dependence and the temperature coefficient of current (TCC) at subthreshold are reported. The results indicate that the post-CMOS-MEMS processing does not degrade the performance of the transistors. The electro-optical performance of the TMOS is characterized . With TCC on the order of 4%–10%, depending on the gate voltage, responsivity of 40 mA/W, noise equivalent power on the order of several tens of picowatts, and calculated noise equivalent temperature difference on the order of 64 mK, this uncooled IR sensor in standard CMOS-SOI technology may provide a high performance at a lower cost compared to state-of-the-art uncooled sensors based on bolometers implemented in non-CMOS materials like vanadium oxide or amorphous silicon.