Projects Awards

The EE Project Contest In Memory of Yehoraz Kasher



Date:  Jun 2020 !!!Second Place!!!
Title: Optimizing the Design of High-Energy Radiation Detectors Using Nanostructures
Student: Avner Shultzman and Ohad Segal
Supervisor: Yaniv Kurman
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2019 !!!Second Place!!!
Title: Rigorous Analytical Model for Metasurface Microscopic Design with Interlayer Coupling
Student: Shahar Levy and Yaniv Kerzhner
Supervisor: Prof. Ariel Epstein
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2018
Title: Electro Magnetic Wiggler
Student: Naama Cohen
Supervisor: Adi Hanuka
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2017
Title: GMOS – Gas sensor
Student: Yaniv Kurman
Supervisor: Dr. Alex Svetlitza and Prof. Yael Nemirovsky
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2016 !!!WINNERS!!!
Title: Permeability Bragg Accelerator
Student: Almog Zilka and Elron Golemberg
Supervisor: Adi Hanuka
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2015 !!!Third Place!!!
Title: Controller for Memristor Based Logic
Student: Rotem Ben-Hur & Hani Bezalel
Supervisor: Dr. Shahar Kvatinsky
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2014 !!!WINNERS!!!
Title: Passive Uncooled THz Pixel & ROIC Design for Security Camera
Student: Roy Nicolet and Alon Rotman
Supervisor: Alex Svetlitza and Igor Brouk
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2013 !!!Second Place!!!
Title: Video Lossless Compression for Networks-on-Chip
Student: Shani Rehana and Or Turgeman
Supervisor: Ran Manevich
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2012 !!!Second Place!!!
Title: Hardware Scheduler for Quad Core Multiprocessor
Student: Idan Regev and Noy Nakash
Supervisor: Jose Yallouz
Abstract: PDF
Date:  Jun 2011 !!!WINNERS!!!
Title: Memristor Based Circuit Analysis
Student: Dmitry Belousov and Slavik Liman
Supervisor: Shahar Kvatinsky
Abstract: PDF
Date: Jun 2010 !!!WINNERS!!!
Title: GoK – Graphics on Key
Student: Eyal Sarfati and Eran Gilat
Supervisor: Amnon Stanislavsky
Abstract: PDF
Date: Jul 2009
Title: 1 Gsps RadHard DAC
Student: Alex Manukovsky and Roman Inozemtsev
Supervisor: Tuvia Liran
Abstract: PDF
Date: Jul 2008 !!!WINNERS!!!
Title: High Performance Embedded Processor
Student: Amnon Stanislavsky and Ami Schwartzman
Supervisor: Amir Nahir
Abstract: PDF
Date: Jul 2007
Title: Network Controller for High QoS
Student: Guy Revach and Idan Angel
Supervisor: Nizan Miron  
Abstract: PDF
Date:  June 2006
Title: Realistic Neural Network
Student: Irina Atkin and Dmitry Vainbrand
Supervisor: Igal Raichelhaus,  Karina Odinaev  and Slava Yushin  
Abstract: PDF
Date: June 2005
Title: Heart Beat Monitor
Student: Gil Rivnai and Bneia Ben Nun
Supervisor: Gil Segev
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2004
Title: Capacitive Sensing Circuits for MEMS Accelerometers
Student: Matan Nurick and Radai Rosenblat
Supervisor: Dr. Claudio Jacobson
Abstract: PDF
Date: July 2003
Title: The Design and Implementation of an ASIC for the Generation of Encryption Keys
Student: Itai Natan & Dorit Bares
Supervisor: Arie Oster
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2002
Title: LOCO Compression Chip
Student: Moshe Amar and Shachar Bal-Haness
Supervisor: Goel Samuel
Abstract: PDF
Date: June 2001
Title: RTL Verification Methodology and Closed Verification Solution for the PCIX Interface of the Atlantis Project
Student: Nir Ofir & Adi Havusha
Supervisor: Ron Kipper
Abstract: PDF
Date: June 2000
Title: Asynchronous RISC Processor
Student: Raanan Zacher, Raz Kivelevich-Carmi
Supervisor: Dr. Rakefet Kol
Abstract: PDF
Former winners (PDF)
Oz Mozes Memorial Award
Date: June 2020
Title: Accelerating Database Primitives with AVX512
Student: Tamar Weiss and Omer Kepten
Supervisor: Tamar Weiss and Omer Kepten
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2018
Title: Enhancement of Power and Performance of Logic Gates using CNFET Technology
Student: Hadar Zemer and Shir Kerner
Supervisor: Sharon Rechnitz
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2016
Title: Optical Medical Accelerators
Student: Chen Cohen and Haggai Lyabock
Supervisor: Adi Hanuka
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2014
Title: Thermal and Mechanical Modeling of THz and IR Sensors for Security Applications
Student: Mirit Ben-Shmuel and Talya Avigad
Supervisor: Alex Svetlitza
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2012
Title: Logic with Memristors
Student: Nimrod Wald and Guy Satat
Supervisor: Shahar Kvatinsky
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2010
Title: Mono-Genetic Algorithm for TSP Chip
Student: Alex Bunin and Sagi Sheer
Supervisor: Goel Samuel
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2008
Title: SMT Microprocessor
Student: Sasson Nouri and Jose Yallouz
Supervisor: Goel Samuel
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2006
Title: Intelligent DMOS Switch
Student: Nir Yom Tov and Shiri Roll
Supervisor: Sharon Bar Lev Shefi
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2004
Title: Identification of Nonsense Mutation in RNA Sequences
Student: Tali Boneh and Dalia Karmon
Supervisor: Gil Segev
Abstract: Url
Date: June 2002
Title: Development Synthesis Algorithm for GDI Technology
Student: Ami Elkayam and Yossi Kassus
Supervisor: Arkadiy Morgenstein
Abstract: Url