Hardware Implementation of the Video Polynomial Transformation + LPF

Project Abstract:

There are endless number of platforms that require implementation of video transformations, such as curve TV/computer/smartphone screens, goggles, pilot hamlet, etc. All these platforms require transformation of flat image to curved image that fits the display, so the user can see the image well without data loss. The main challenges of the core implementation are low latency (“video in => video out), high video resolutions and frame rate.

Project Goal:

The goal of the project is to design and implement a digital polynomial transformation core for video stream. The design will include video Low Pass Filter for improved image. The design will be parametrized to support different video resolutions and First/Second/Third Polynomial Transformation.

Project requirements:

  • Writing design requirements and high level design description architecture.
  • HDL implementation of polynomial transformation core.
  • Video in/out – AXI STREAM protocol
  • polynomial transformation implementation
  • Using LPF on input image to avoid black stripes on output image.
  • efficient memory usage (for video buffering and algorithm calculations )
  • parametrization of First/Second/Third Polynomial Transformation
  • Build of simulation environment and full verification of the requirements
  • Including implementation of reference model (Matlab/Python)
  • Synthesis and layout

Prerequisites :  Digital Systems and Computer Structure – 044252

Supervisor: Pavel Gushpan  –  pavel.gushpan@gmail.com