Dual-Band Patch Antenna using Phase Change Material Based Switches

Reconfigurable RF integrated circuits are an attractive feature for sustaining the increasing number of standards and functionalities of modern mobile devices. While back-end circuits in a radio transceiver (e.g., baseband analog, IF and digital) can be reconfigured using MOSFET switches, front-end circuits require high performance switches since resonant narrowband circuits require high quality factor inductors and capacitors.

Phase-change-materials (PCM)-based RF switches have been proposed as high-performance RF switches due to their excellent transmission properties, small footprint, low power consumption, and non-volatility, which make them great
contenders for reconfigurable RF applications.

In this project, a dual-band patch antenna controlled by PCM-based RF switches will be designed and evaluated. These antennas are fundamental features in phased arrays, which are necessary in 5G RF systems. The project is based on advanced research. The implementation will be done in HFSS and/or ADS.

Study of the basics of patch antennas and PCM RF switches.
Evaluation of different topologies to integrate the PCM switches to
reconfigure the antenna.
Design, implementation and evaluation of the dual band patch antenna.