Cyber Protection Chip

The goal of this project is the development of an autonomous cyber protection chip for computer systems and communication channels linked to the cloud.

Background: Current technology drives the accelerated development of computer components with increasing processing capabilities, bandwidth and high level of connectivity between components that maintain a constant link to the cloud. Such systems present a significant challenge in protecting the proper operation of the components.

The purpose of the project is to develop an autonomous and independent VLSI component that will enable the continuous control of the integrity of computer components and communication channels.

Requirements: Cyber threats to computer components will be investigated and classified according to their severity.

Several threats will be selected and studied further. For each threat, a response will be formulated with an emphasis on implementation on hardware for the component that we want to protect.

In the implementation stage, a suitable architecture for the chosen solution will be designed, with an emphasis on dealing with several threats simultaneously and even with new incoming threats.

Example: Protection of a central computer component in an autonomous vehicle against a denial of service attack

(Denial-of-service attack) that can disable the system at critical times.

Prerequisite : Digital Systems and Computer Structure – 044252