Contacts Electromagnetic Influences Modeling of CNT-FET

Recent research in nanoelectronics has begun to explore the potential of carbon nanotube field effect transistors (CNFETs) as a successor to CMOS. Studies of individual carbon nanotubes have demonstrated that they have excellent electrical properties, including high electron mobility. Experiments with CNFETs have further demonstrated that these devices have large transconductances, which indicates a great potential for nanoelectronic circuits.

One of the challenges the CNT-FET industry is facing these days comes from the large gap of scales between the transistor electrodes to the CNT. The electrodes create an EM field that penetrates the CNT and deteriorates its unique conductance properties.

Project Description:

In this project, the students will design and simulate the electromagnetism of CNT-FET using HFSS (Ansys) and calculate the effects of the electrodes on the CNT-FET (capacitance, conductance etc.)

Prerequisites: EM fields (044140) or electromagnetism (114246 or 114245) and semiconductor device fundamentals (044125)

An advantage will be given for those who took/are taking MEMS (046968) and/or microelectronics specialty