Channel ReadOut Circuits for GMOS Sensor

GMOS is a new gas sensor developed at the Technion. It is based on a thermally isolated floating MOS transistor used to sense temperature changes as a result of a chemical reaction that takes place when the gas comes in direct contact with the sensor. When a constant voltage is applied to the transistor, its current signal follows the temperature variations. This current signal should be read out and amplified before further processing. This is done by an integrated readout circuit (ROIC).

Project goals:
This project deals with design and optimization of ReadOut circuit for a GMOS sensor based on 0.18um TSMC technology.
Some architectures will be analyzed during evaluation study and then the best one will be implemented in schematics and layout. The circuits should be designed under required performance constraints of minimal power, layout area, signal cross talks and noise reduction. You will be responsible for the circuit requirements, analysis and specifications definition, focusing on the readout noise performance. Circuit design and simulations and analog layout will be done using Cadence tools.

Prerequisites: Linear Circuits.

Recommended courses: Introduction to VLSI