A Real-Time Night Vision Camera Control System

A novel night vision low resolution camera is being developed in Technion. It is based on a thermally isolated floating MOS transistor used to sense temperature changes as a result of external Infrared radiation. When a constant voltage is applied to the transistor, its current signal follows the temperature variations. This current signal is read out and amplified before further processing. This is done by an integrated readout circuit (ROIC).

In this project the sampled data from ROIC will be collected and processed in Matlab. The processing is based on the following steps:
1. Video stream formation.
2. Extraction of the main video data parameters, like data distortion, signal to noise ratio, noise equivalent temperature, etc…
3. Real time video corrections like, bad pixels replacement, non-uniformities,
fixed pattern noise, etc.

This project is an excellent opportunity to enter to the exciting world of real night vision cameras and systems. During the implementation you explore and understand the main principles of camera systems, that optimally integrate hardware design (that already exists) and software post-processing video correction algorithms. This is the final part of a challenging research project that is going to be realized in industry in the near future.

Recommended courses: Signal or Image processing